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gigapurin's Journal

Niou Masaharu
3 December
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Player Information
Name: Kitty-kitty
Age: 23
Journal: thekittykitty (not in active use)
Time Zone: GMT
E-mail: thekittykitty@gmail.com

Character Information
Name: Niou Masaharu
Age: (Any age as long as it's 16 or above) 24
Journal: gigapurin (recycled)
Race: (Human or Anima) Human
Class: (If human: noble or commoner; also classify if they are a rebel member) (If Anima: slave, hidden, or free/rebel) Commoner
Occupation: Slave Trader.
Physical Description: At some point in his life, Niou's met pirates and decided 'well, yes, but I can do it better.' With an appearance that's half way between messy and dapper, the prematurely grey young man is certainly eyecatching and immediately distinctive in a crowd. His hair is choppily cut, feathery at the front, long at the back, and generally tied with ribbon, and his eyes beneath the white fringe are bright, striking green.
In fact, every colour around Niou is striking - pure white shirts, bright red jackets, jet black boots, all solid, no patterns. It's as though he's dressed for a stage play (and truthfully, that's probably where he gets the vast majority of his clothing.) In a port full of traders and businessmen, he builds his image on being well known and distinctive - and therefore trustworthy.
Personality: And, carrying on from that last paragraph...
... Niou is trustworthy. You can trust him with your life.
You just can't trust him with any embarrassing information. Niou can and will screw you over for his personal amusement. Or for profit. Can you say blackmail? Niou can. Probably in several languages.
Generally good-natured to anima and humans alike (if not a strange brand of insulting that goes over most people's heads), Niou's decent to deal with. Like any businessman, he is out to make a profit, but seems keenly aware that his trade is the buying and selling of creatures as well as commodities, who have emotions every bit as potent as humans. His business is humane and purely above board.
As mentioned, he builds his reputation on flair, and being well known. This makes the capture of anima (who likely already know who he is) more troublesome when they can see him halfway across the marketplace lit up like a christmas tree. He captures very rarely, and most of the time, buys cheaply and sells on.
But he does capture. Niou has a sharp mind, and a sly streak going to waste. The unadvised, and even the knowing, occasionally fall prey to him, and the bright demeanor and colourful appearance serve another purpose. With hair covered over and understated clothing, he is more or less unrecognisable as his flambouyant self.
History: Unsurprisingly, perhaps, Niou's mother was a famous opera singer, though his existance as her son was ... rather less well known. A bastard son, bearing his (presumed) father's name (though it changed according to his mother's moods during the first few years of his life), he was raised running around the backstages of Sailand's best and brightest theatres, getting under people's feet and generally being a nuisance.
He attended a boarding school within the city, rather than have him in the way of his mother's career, and spent summers odd-jobbing in the marketplace. As he grew older, his mother's already scant attention for him grew even more sparse, extending only to financial support, and then, not even that. By the time he was fifteen he was already making his own way in the world, finding employment from day to day by the port.
It was tricky; he was bright, but hadn't bothered to pay all that much attention in school. Most uneducated jobs could easily be done by anima, so it was a case of finding employers who couldn't afford them, and those paid low wages. But there was always work with those mortally mistrustful of anima.
Niou drifted toward the slave trade, and a dubious trader named Fukada whose business toed the line of legal only occasionally. He was taken on soley because Fukada disliked having anima in charge of other anima - at least unsupervised - and was paid handsomely to turn a blind eye to the occasional slave trading hands without papers or their owners being tested, and, in turn, to keep an eye on a clever young slave named Yagyuu that Fukada had hung onto.
As a teenager, Niou had far more in common with Yagyuu than with the ancient Fukada, and spent time alone flat on his back on the floor of the office watching him, or tormenting himself by learning the newly captured slaves' names, getting to know them before they were sold on only to note the occasional disappearance when one was off the books. By the time he was eighteen, and Fukada's eyesight was beginning to fail, he was running the business, and at twenty-one, after a particularly nasty one-sided fight with Yagyuu, Fukada...
... shall we say... fell down the stairs. With no creditors and no children, the business fell to the de facto manager, Niou.