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Being a man of the world, a man of toil, a man of good standing and morals, I spend much of my day passing pleasantries in the marketplace with the fine people of this city as they go about their business (and I go about mine.) One passes the quiet hours as one can, of course, but at times one has to make one's own entertainment.

So, I give you...

(The so-called hot-list has been scribbled out, but there were obviously five names) 

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I'd say it's depressingly quiet in the marketplace this afternoon (or at least, down my end) but now that the streets aren't swarming with people, I can actually people watch! And what beautiful people you all are - I can almost say that without sounding sarcastic by now - I swear, I spent most of today sitting outside the shop because Hiroshi was ignoring me so loudly I couldn't breathe the air watching the world go by.

So, a riddle.

What comes once in a minute, twice in a moment, but never in a thousand years?

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This journal is being re-used for Anima Prince.



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... what happened?

What day is it? Was I high? I'm missing like... a week, and I'm surrounded by multicoloured silk handkerchiefs and while, in this situation, I'd generally blame Mizuki because, well, silk handkerchiefs, how flambouyant is that? But I don't remember him.

Then again, I don't remember anything.

Ladies, you really needn't slip me a roofie, I'd rather remember!

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Well, I don't know about you, but I hate love Valentine's Day. Third best holiday of the year, after White Day and, of course, after Hallowe'en.

If only it were Hallowe'en every day. Then Mizukin would look normal.

Hey~! There's an idea. You all shouldn't have to do the work, should you? I'm declaring Valentine's Day my mini-Hallowe'en! So if I see you in the club, I'll give you a choice.

Trick ...

or treat?

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Niou Masaharu at your service!
 Okay, I've got a riddle for you, hear me out before you decide I'm being sexist; in what month do women talk the least, and why?

So, Midori Senzai, huh? A quick look at the floor map and I can tell where I'll be spending all my time. It's probably fate, since I've had 'relight my fire' in my head for a week now. in all it's campy, 90's glory. Please. As though it needs to be relit, surrounded by gorgeous looking women and - okay, I can't lie, gorgeous looking men. Just so I'm clear on the rules here, are they out of bounds or is it a discretion thing?

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